Bunker Quantity Surveys

Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS) is a procedure for determining the amount of marine fuel delivered to a ship during a bunkering operation.

Since bunker fuel is often the biggest financial factor in the cost of operating a ship, BQS is considered a vital service to ensure that correct quantities of fuel are delivered. As bunkering operations often take place some distance from the fuel purchaser’s office, neither the buyer or seller is usually present to witness the physical transfer and procedures involved, thus any quantity or procedural dispute is often futile and inconclusive. When such disputes arise, they can create unnecessary protests, legal fees, demurrage, loss of time. As such, it is in purchaser interest to engage a surveyor to verify the quantity of oils delivered to vessel.

Responding to these concerns, we offer an independent bunker quantity surveys.

A BQS performed by an independent surveying company can alleviate many of the stressors involved in the purchase and sale of bunker fuel and ensure both parties are treated fairly.

Bunker fuel measurement and sampling, are carried out in accordance with accepted industry standards. In addition, clients’ own procedures can also be followed.

We are able to perform fuel testing in one of our affiliated laboratories or dispatch samples to a customer-designated laboratory.

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