Draft survey tape

The correct reading of the draft amidships has the greatest impact on the value of the average draft of the vessel, therefore it should be determined as accurately as possible. Many factors affect the correct reading of the draft value, such as waves and rolls of the ship. Therefore, based on many years of experience in measuring the draft of ships, a device was developed – a probe for measuring the ship’s freeboard. It allows to eliminate errors in determining the draft amidships to a large extent .

The device consists of a measuring tape with which the height is measured from a reference point, usually the deck line to the water surface, and a sensor.
The sensor is activated when the “0” point of the tape is at the water level, emitting a sound and light signal at the same time. The probe is constructed in such a way that the fluctuations of the water level inside the sensor are as small as possible. This allows you to obtain a measurement accuracy of 5mm even with significant waving.
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