Cargo Quantity inspections

Quantitative controls are aimed at determining the quantity, weight or volume of reloaded or stored goods, both liquid, loose and packaged.

This field of control includes:

  • Draft Survey, i.e. determination of the quantity of goods based on measurements of the draft of a ship or barge.
  • Volumetric measurements (ullage, sounding) – determination of the volume of goods in ship tanks, railway tanks, road tankers or land tanks based on the measurement of the height of the liquid column.
  • Liczmanka – writing down “by nature” the number of packaging units of goods during reloading, taking into account the characteristics of packaging, identifying damaged packaging, distribution of goods in ship holds or on vehicles.
  • Supervision over the correctness of weighing cars, single wagons or entire trains on car/railway scales.
  • Inventory of stored goods, both packaged, loose and liquid.
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