We specialize in the valuation of motor vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers, buses, yachts and boats, agricultural tractors and motorcycles, as well as machinery, equipment, technical means and household property. We also deal with a comprehensive valuation of equipment for technological facilities, enterprises and production lines.

Valuation of the value of a motor vehicle is made on the basis of a detailed inspection of the vehicle and, if possible, also after a test drive or road test. During the visual inspection, the thickness of the varnish coating is also measured. To estimate the value of motor vehicles, we use the Info-Ekspert software – a widely used vehicle valuation tool.

Valuation of a yacht or boat is based on an analysis of the market price of similar vessels, assessment of the actual technical condition of the hull, rigging, machinery, electrical installation and other elements affecting the value of the vessel.

We also offer estimation of the value of technical means, e.g. for the needs of:

  • conclusion of a purchase/sale transaction – as an auxiliary material in negotiations between the seller and potential buyers,
  • setting the starting price during a tender, bidding, auction, etc.,
  • ownership transformations, mergers, bankruptcy or liquidation of the enterprise,
  • determination of the company’s assets,
  • collateral for a loan, loan or pledge.
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